Restoring Ancient Stabiae (RAS)

Restoring Ancient Stabiae (RAS) is a non – profit cultural Italian foundation born to promote the creation of the great archaeological park of ancient Stabiae. The Foundation was formed in Washington DC in 2002, on the initiative of the University of Maryland, as part of a cooperation project in the field of cultural heritage under the aegis of the International Treaty that, in the matter, links USA and Italy.

 The project "Restoring Ancient Stabiae", that has big partners such as the University of Maryland, the Campania Region and the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of  Pompeii, involves the construction of an archaeological park of about 60 acres on the site of the ancient Stabiae, which will return in their original context, environmental and cultural, large and luxurious coastal villas built between the end of the Roman Republic and early Empire, buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD and largely still buried.

 The project Restoring Ancient Stabiae is currently the most innovative example of international cooperation in the field of cultural heritage.

 The Foundation bases its activities on the belief that cultural heritage belongs to the whole world, and offers archeology as a unique opportunity of meeting and exchange among different cultures.

 Indeed, one of the most important purpose of the Foundation is to promote the Italian culture in all its aspects, from archaeology to arts, to traditions, to food to other features of Italian heritage, organizing cultural activities of all kinds: exhibitions, conferences, informal educational activities at national and international level.

 Its headquarters is, since 2007, the Vesuvian Institute, a multipurpose complex, which combines the classic hotel facilities with services for research and teaching, such as study rooms, library, auditorium, theater, internet room. The complex - the only example in southern Italy - hosts mainly schools, Italian and foreign universities, cultural groups, scholars and researchers engaged in studies on Italian culture and heritage.

 The Restoring Ancient Stabiae Foundation is active for more than 10 years in the field of cultural activities: initiatives, projects completed and in progress, and all the achievements are many and transverse. Starting from the basic concept, inspiring the mission of the Foundation (the "archaeological" one), the activities carried out during these years have expanded to reach the field of Culture as prevalent subject of action.

 Concerning the experience relevant for this application, that is the educational field, the Foundation has been organizing since 2010, in service training courses for teachers and staff from pre-primary, primary and secondary education institutions across Europe as part of the former EU Lifelong Learning Programme (Comenius / Grundtvig) and, since 2014, within the Erasmus plus Programme – Key Action 1, Mobility of Individuals.  The courses organizing by RAS concerning all the field of Italian culture (archaeology, history, arts, food, traditions, Italian language).

 In addition, RAS organizes other educational activities involving local and national schools in order to raise awareness among young people respect to the historical and cultural heritage.