CSDS was established in 2009 as a legally registered local non-governmental, not-profit organisation. Average employment in organisation reaches 10 people.  CSDS aims to promote education for sustainable development through building the capacity of people and organizations to address development challenges in Vietnam.

We use education and training as the primary means of empowering individuals and organisations to pursue sustainable development. We also focus on volunteering, particularly youth volunteering, as this provides a context for learning and practice, and a resource for delivering our programs and projects. We also work in partnership with international agencies, the CSO community and universities. Over the past 5 years we have worked with over 1,000 youth in Vietnam and helped to developed over 20 youth groups.

In 2010 CSDS in partnership with Italian non-governmental organisation initiated an eco-tourism project on a vulnerable rural area in northeast Vietnam. Project aims to reduce poverty and increase the well-being of the people living in an ethnic minority commune , and to promote environmental sustainability. CSDS promotes cultural tourism and organizes short-term trips for international volunteers.