Pegasus Telematic University

Pegasus Telematic University is a high profile training institution in the field of tourism. It has been established due to the Italian  Ministry of University and Research  decree in 2006.(MIUR,D.M 20/04/2006); An university, that is not only territorial but that is projected to the world, to the global society and to the new competitive job market. Among Pegasus nine degree programs, “Tourism Sciences” bachelor course aims to produce graduates with high skills and appropriate tools to operate in the field of tourism, with specific reference to the enhancement of cultural and sustainable tourism. Particularly, the course aims to transfer knowledge in the area of policy planning for tourism, understood as a factor of economic development and territorial competitiveness.

Inside this pedagocical framework and directly embedded in the Pegasus University  the C.E.LL (Centre for  “Euromediterranean for Lifelong  Learning”) was born. It has been  created to implement the recommendations of the EU and the Italian national law 92/2012 on the labor market which recognizes lifelong learning as an important mission of  the university.  Centre aims to the following objectives:

• Cultural development
• Finalizing  suspended  studies
• Converting   weak degrees
• Improving  professional skills
• Promoting  active citizenship
• Recognizing  lifelong learning as a  right.
• Vocational guidance

In the same time the research activities are orienting to :

• Flexibility and customization of the training
• Verifiability of learning achievements and skills certification
• Attending  the networks and both, national and international projects, including adult education
• Taking up  Research / Actions aimed to the employability
• Interdisciplinary research