Flavio Garmegna- Italy

The CulTY project gave me the amazing opportunity to travel in India, discovering one of the ancient human culture. The countries involved in the project were India, Vietnam, Greece and Italy, this created a point of connection between Asia and Europe.
I had the possibility to study customs and traditions of an Indian tribal village, trying to find solutions in order to improve their conditions and testing myself about the sector of alternative and cultural tourism. The sixth day there was a meeting where we reflected about new strategies to improve tourism in unknown places, looking for an innovative model of tourism business. In this way I had the possibility to meet new people from other countries having discussions with them in order to share ideas and create a network where everyone could share his personal experience, focusing together on the goals of the CulTY project.

I also had the opportunity to visit fantastic places, such as the Sun Temple in Konark (UNESCO World Heritage Site), discovering the Indian architectural beauties. In conclusion, I can say that my expectations were completely satisfied and I’m proud to have met special people with whom I shared many nice moments. This project taught me to watch things from different perspectives and improved my knowledge getting my mind more open.