Daisy Nguyen

One day, one of my teachers told me: “There is an interesting program held by CSDS Vietnam with participants from Greece, India, and Italy. It is related to cultural exchange. I see you meet all of their requirements. Why don’t you apply to join the program?”. That is why I participated in CulTY project in December 2016. Busy with exams as I was, I still felt so excited and had some expectations. In fact, I was over the moon that most of my expectations were met! This was undoubtedly a holiday in which all the chosen destinations were relaxing ones; the activities included were responsible tourism related. Acquiring and exchanging knowledge with all other 3 countries were successfully achieved with further profound understanding culture, tradition, and tourism activities. Connections among 4 countries were made. I am a bit down in the dumps when it came to an end of the 5-day program, yet it is certain that more and more significant projects will follow with the belief of strengthening relationships among 4 countries and contribution to substantial positive changes.