Huyen Nguyen- Vietnam

My expectation before this seminar is getting to know more about tourism in Vietnam and would like to know how foreigners evaluate tourism in Vietnam. I also want to know more friends from Italy, Greece and India. Each country has a different culture and really interesting. That’s why I registered this seminar to explore the new things for myself. During the seminar, I have learned more information about Vietnamese tourism through expert eyes what I’ve never heard before. Now, I have the people like you who always want to develop and protect tourism. Our actions are one of step to get closer than the aim of tourism which we are towards. Eco Village or Ha Long Bay. Only one day was in each place so we could see and discuss more about the situation there and have some comments to help its more development. Talk about our relationship among friends from India, Greece and Italy. I’m very glad to see you all and hosted you in Vietnam. I hope that you had a great time in Vietnam. Friends from Greece. All of you are very cute, enthusiastic, active and friendly. Especially, A Lực and Kana. With A Lực, you had a new mother in Vietnam and learned Vietnamese so fast. I hope you could remember all the words that we taught you. And Kana with your age at the moment, I never believe that you could be so cute and more active like that. You make me believe that no matter how old you are, no matter what you do, let’s live and do whatever you like and you want to do. Our friends from India. I like your dance, I like the way you welcomed all the people to the culture night and your food even though it’s a bit spicy to me. The last one of my friends from Italy. Your cheese and wine was so great. Finally, thank you to CSDS who gave me a great opportunity to meet all of you and join this seminar. I hope we can see together one day. I forgot all my friends, colleagues in CSDS, thank you so much for being and supporting me during the seminar. I believe that we are a good team ever.

Big loves and hugs from Vietnam!