Roopam Sharma- India

Culty (cultural Tourism for Youth) as the name suggests is the blend of cultures, ideas and languages. All these things will leave an impression on your brain for life and you will feel , “Yes, we all live in the world which is very diverse yet unite”. When Dillip proposed me the entire concept of Culty , I was so excited as I am a person who has an inclination towards languages , cultures and knowing people. It gave me all of that at its best. ‘Vietnam' and ‘vietnamese' both are now a beautiful part of my life. The knowledge they shared about their life and culture has moved me . I will be following books and google to know more. The experience at ‘Halong bay' just made me feel alive . Gratitude to Mr. Dillip Pattnaik for this wonderful opportunity, care and rigid support. I met people , shared brilliant ideas and know various minute things about different languages. I will be learning some of them . At last , I am taking from here a bundle of memories, colorful moments and friends for life . Thankyou everyone ! For contributing to it in your own way ..