Lucia Puzziello- Italy

When I’ve known that I would have had the chance to participated to the CULTY program in Hanoi I was quite excited, nervous and positive. It was the first time for me to participate to this kind of seminar in another continent and my hope was primarily to not disattend any expectations.

I’ve left Rome with a lot of energy, don’t knowing exactly what I was going to meet, but for sure with the intention to prove all my knowledge and capacities, my strenght and my good will.

Spend one week with all the international members of the project, from Vietnam, India and Greece, taught me to work in a multicultural context, to face and overcome personal insecurities, to learn from their passion, their joy, their professionality.

During that week I understood what respect is. It means be open to other use and tradition, try to let you being understood from each person., follow the rules that we have decided all together. It means think about what we are doing and how is our behaviour.  Think about the others’ hard work.

In Vietnam I felt an adult, a woman. My thoughts, my words had a weight. I felt professional, capable, smart. Not because my ego was “flying high”, but because I felt that people i was appreciating were respecting me and above all were interested about my judgement, my opinion. I felt part of a system that was working in the right way.

I came back to Italy stronger, happier, a bit grown up (as only travel and meet new people can make you grow up), more confident and with a different prospective about people, cultures and differencies. Each experience of this kind we live add a dowel to ourselves and to our personalities, as to a huge mosaic.

We come back to our homes, our families and friends, our cities and our routines, but we have another light inside, another awareness. We are all living this world, we are connected, from our wishes, our hopes, form what we want to change and to improve in our world. We come back knowing that we can make the difference, all together.

Mentioning a Pink Floyd amazing song “Togehter we stand, divided we fall.”